Monday, January 18, 2010

"Be thankful for everything in your life; good or bad, positive or negative, because it's your struggles & challenges that shape your character & build your wisdom & it's your joy, success & pleasures that give you the strength & hope to go on..." 

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Sharla said...

You are a young inspirational woman and we need more of you to enhance the cave man world we live in, with tolerance,trust,as well as an understanding that we are all where we are suppose to be by the wisdom of our creator, we are all different with beauty,culture,ideas,christian,Jews Muslims,so on & on we are on this earth by the permission of our creator and as soon as we just stop trying to prove who is right with arrogance we will realize we are all right and have the right to be respected and live safe!
we were created to love one another and never to force one another into submission! we all need to recognize that we are neighbors and we ve an obligation to one another regardless of our nationality or religion! Arrogance was what got Iblis kicked from Jennah!!
peace & Love
Sharla Musabih